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Incoming Alarm Log Screen
Signal Traffic Screen
Incoming Alarm Log Screen

This is the basic dispatch screen for the Monitoring/Dispatch module.  The log screen records a summary of actions taken by the dispatcher in the lower right quadrant.
Signal Traffic Screen

These screens display all signals pending to be processed, sorted by priority, date and time order. These screens are referred as the "traffic screens".
Action 32
Edit Account
Signal Processor Screen

Action32 is the name of the program that processes incoming signals from the receiver(s), determines the signal's priority and then routes it to the dispatchers accordingly.  The screen layout can be changed by the dispatch center to display desired information.
Add/Edit Subscriber Accounts

The edit screen contains the exact same layout as the entry and dispatch screens.  The top half of the screen contains pertinent subscriber information such as the account number, name, address and this is always displayed when viewing the account.  The lower half of the screen utilizes a standard Windows tab system to display different areas of information such as: phone lists, signal history, account notes, time schedules, user codes, zones and etc.
Edit Zones
Edit Schedule
Subscriber Zones

This screen displays the different zone information in the lower half of the screen.  It contains information on the subscriber's zone number, description and how the system should process an alarm for each particular zone.
Subscriber Open/Close Schedule

This screen contains information on the subscriber's opening and closings schedule. It demonstrates the schedule's tolerance for open early and close late as well as the overrides.
Sample Report

This report is a sample of one of the various reports throughout the Alarm Center program. All reports display to the screen and then can be printed, faxed, e-mailed or saved to a file.

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At a glance...

  • Compatible with most Signal Processing Receivers
  • UL Classified for superior unmatched reliability and constant up-time
  • Highly scalable to support a wide range of dispatch center environments; Single User through Multi-user
  • Reliable database storage/retrieval programming infrastructure based on Windows SQL Server technology
  • Ability to process non-emergency signals without user intervention, and automatically route pertinent signals to available operators
  • Compatible with Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 and 2012 (64 bit)

In 1987, Security Information Systems, Inc. introduced the concept of "intuitive software" to the security industry. SIS is the leader in high performance software systems for dispatch centers. Used in over 100 countries, the Alarm Center software series has set the standard for reliability and excellence in security automation management software.

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