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Backup Screen

Easy to use interface with current job details displayed.
Restore Screen

Data can be restored to a local SQL server, a specific drive/folder, or to a remote server via TCP/IP (all data is compressed an encrypted before sending).
Status Screen

Configurable to synchronize only the data you need which ensures the system is as efficient as possible.

At a glance...

  • Synchronize data from one server to multiple servers across your network!
    Perfect for dispatch centers running WebAccess and Dealer Access servers
  • Automatically synchronize your Alarm Center program files and settings from one server to another (pictures, templates, program settings, and more)
  • SyncAgent can create a unique copy of each backup; rollback data to a specific date and time. This option also allows for an offsite copy of each backup on a tape, thumb drive, CD/DVD, or any other portable media
  • Supports daily and hourly backup/synchronization schedules. Database synchronization can occur every 15 minutes, 24-hours, or a specific day and time of the week
  • SyncAgent can run as a Windows service, starting automatically when Windows starts and using minimal system resources while quietly running in the background
  • Optional email notification provided when the server is down or errors that have occurred during synchronization


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