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Account Selection Screen

Allows the technician fast access to the account by line code.
Account Options Screen

Various options are available to manage the selected account.
Status Detail Screen

Shows the account status. The maximum amount of time allowed for the account to be placed on test.
Account on Test Screen

Screen showing that the account has been placed on test. You can also see the amount of time remaining for the system to reactivate the account.
Report Options Screen

Options to search for events on the history logs for the account. You can search by a range of dates, specify the amount of signals to retrieve and the type of signals.
History Report Screen

The report shows you the history events by date, signal code and zone.

At a glance...

  • Increase center efficiency
  • Reduces risk
  • Reduces operator workload
  • Easy to learn & support

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In 1987, Security Information Systems, Inc. introduced the concept of "intuitive software" to the security industry. SIS is the leader in high performance software systems for dispatch centers. Used in over 100 countries, the Alarm Center software series has set the standard for reliability and excellence in security automation management software.

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